Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Gun Guide — AK-47

This information was gathered by XclusiveAce and compiled here for ease of use. Please support Ace and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Base Damage: 38-30
Shots to Kill: 4-5
No Body Multipliers
Headshots: 1.4x Multiplier
Headshot Damage: 53-42
Headshots Needed to Kill: 3/3
Rate of Fire: 600 RPM
Time to Kill (TTK) 300-400 MS
Bullet Velocity: 490 M/s
Aim Down Site (ADS) Time: 300 MS
Sprintout Time: 250 MS
Hipfire spread compared to other Assault Rifles.
Recoil Pattern for AK-47. Provided by XclusiveAce.
Reload (Add) Times
Base: 1.32s
40 RND: 1.47s
Taped Mags: 1.47s
40 RND Speed Mag: 1.05s
Bakelite 50 RND: 1.47s
GRU MAG Clamp: 1.12s
VDV 50 RND Fast Mag: 0.87s
Base Movement: 10.26 MPH (95%)
Sprint Movement: 15.39 MPH (143%)
ADS Movement: 4.06 MPH (37.5%)
Weapon Strengths:
– High Damage
– Fastest Assault Rifle TTK
– Fastest Assault Rifle Relaod
Weapon Weaknesses:
– Range isn’t great for Assault Rifle
– Slowest Bullet Velocity in Assault Rifles
– Headshots Practically Worthless
RPK Barrel Damage: 42-33
Shots to Kill: 4-5
2 Headshots will drop Shots to kill by 1.

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