UFC 4 Review – Is it Worth Buying?

Is UFC 4 Worth Playing?

If you’re wondering whether EA Sports’ UFC 4 is worth buying or not, this review was written just for you.

Release Date:August 14, 2020
Game Developer:EA SPORTS
Genre:Sports / Fighting
Approximate Career Play Time:30-40 Hours

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has been a staple of the sports genre for over a decade. UFC 4 has managed to recapture the same feel as its predecessor but this version has made some changes to the control scheme.

Now the standing clinch feels more like stand up fighting than wrestling. The transitions in the clinch feel much more intuitive and fluid than previous versions of UFC.

Wrestling has been simplified into an easier to understand format for newbies; however the old “Legacy” style controls are still available; as well as a “Hybrid” setup that combines both control systems into an easy to pick up and play feel.

Career mode has also been revamped. Now training feels more specialized and players can focus on areas that either they or their created character might need work in. You will have a training partner for each of the 4 different styles of fighting: Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling and BJJ.

As you train, you earn unlock points to increase character stats and unlock perks. Your character will also get a boost to certain move-sets if you complete the given objective during the 2 minute session. These specialized training sessions will also help players learn to counter and fight with different fighting styles.

Playing against the AI can be fun, but in harder difficulty modes the fight can become a bit one sided on the ground. On “Hard Mode” the AI will react to your transitions immediately and it makes it nearly impossible to get up from a bottom position; regardless of your fighter’s wrestling stats. In my opinion this was a mistake by the developers because it ruins the single player experience for higher skilled players.

By far the most entertaining mode in UFC 4 is multiplayer. In the Online Menu you can compete for a title in the “Online World Championships” or you can choose something less competitive like “Quick Fight” and battle a random stranger for nothing but bragging rights. There are also specialized subcategories like “Stand and Bang”; a mode with absolutely zero wrestling… or “Knockout Mode” where fights can only be won by knocking out your opponent.

UFC 4 has a steep learning curve and the skill gap is wide. However, players of any skill level can find a way to have fun in this game.

Rating: 4 Stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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